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What We Value:

For the love of the art and sport of karate. We want you and or your children to find life changing values and enriching experience. It is our goal and belief that karate training is good for anyone and we have seen the profound positive changes in people’s lives who come and train in the martial arts with North Fork Karate.

We consider each athlete who trains with us, regardless of age, experience or inclination toward athletic activity, as an individual with unique talents and strengths. It is those strong points we strive to make even stronger

We want every member to be a productive, contributing part of our community.

We value and encourage people to be strong leaders and we help our members to be great leaders by presenting continuing small opportunities to develop leadership skills.


We love the practice and the art of karate, it’s fun and our training has benefitted our lives in countless ways. We want to share that with you! We provide a friendly, safe and positive environment in which you and your family can learn the philosophy and the skills of martial arts.

At North Fork Karate you will find a strong, supportive martial arts family which builds positive role models within the surrounding community, demonstrating exceptional character and the philosophy of non-violence.


Reach Your Full Potential


Our History:

Shihan Rick McGavin has been training and teaching Shotokan karate for over 25 years and is a 6th dan in the International MartialArts Association (IMA) founded by Hanshi Cyrus Madani in 1990. Sensei Jennifer McGavin has trained for over 12 years with the IMA and holds a third degree black belt. Both instructors are highly rated, national referees for USA Karate, part of the World Karate Federation, the governing body for Karate, holding a seat  on the IOC.

North Fork Karate was founded in November of 2005. We moved into our permanent home at 311 2nd St in 2007. Our dojo is one of the few in the country specifically designed and built as a martial arts school.


~ All of our senior instructors are licensed officials through USA Karate ~

Chief Instructor Shihan McGavin
Chief Instructor Shihan McGavin
Shihan McGavin’s Bio
Sensei McGavin - Instructor
Sensei McGavin - Instructor
Sensei McGavin’s Bio
Sempai Doris Danielsen
Sempai Doris Danielsen
Sempai Danielsen’s Bio
Kohia Sam Stech
Kohia Sam Stech
Kohai Sam Stech Bio




We will provide martial arts training on an ongoing basis, in a professional, family oriented manner, with the highest degree of respect, tolerance and hope for all our students.

Respect, both to the instructors and their fellow students.

Timeliness, the structure we have set up reinforces the importance in our modern life to be on time.

Because each class needs to focus, it is important when students arrive they wait quietly in the hall until the previous class has dismissed, then enter the training area quietly and be prepared to start class immediately.

Students are expected to wear their gi (uniform) by the second class of the session.

Students need to have the IMA manual as a reference and guide to practice outside of class.

Cleanliness, both uniform and otherwise, a student with poor hygiene habits is as distracting to his fellow students as one who has pizza on his uniform. Please shower and keep your karate uniform clean and in good repair. Please do not write your name on your uniform.

Bring your child to class a few minutes early, to be sure we can start on time.

Encourage your child to practice what is learned in class. Especially if one only trains one day a week it is hard to remember last week’s lesson without practice.

Remember we have procedures in place we feel help a student to learn discipline, respect and confidence. We are not being mean or harsh with our students. Their continued success in karate and life itself are our main concern.

Remember we are only training your child one day a week, without your help and support progress can be slow.

Remember to pay your monthly fees on time. Your monthly fees are due before the first of the month. YOU MAY BE CHARGED A $10 LATE FEE AFTER THAT TIME. Any time we use to enforce fee collection is time we are not able to utilize for training.

Promptness is an important part of life and absolutely part of martial arts. To be respectful of your instructors and your fellow students please be on time.

At  North Fork Karate and our satellite classes or clubs, our goal is to help our students achieve better self esteem, better balance, both mentally and physically, and start them on a path of physical and mental fitness to last a life time. We teach discipline, focus, respect and non-violence as part of our martial arts training. Though we might seem inflexible at times, we are not being harsh with our students. Their continued successes in karate and life itself are our only concern. These goals are achieved through everyday training, belt testing, and many other karate activities. We encourage as much participation as possible.

Reach Your Full Potential