Schedule of Events


2016 IMA North Fork Championship

Schedule of Events

YOU are responsible for getting to your division when it is called!!!

IF you choose to arrive after the tournament has started, you could miss your division so take care to keep track of how the divisions are running. Depending on the size of some divisions, your division could be sooner or later than is represented here. PLEASE TAKE NOTE!


Tournament Saturday October 22th, 2016

Location: Two Rivers Event Center 159 Main St Grand Junction CO 81501
Check IN
8:30 AM
Late Registration
8:30 am to 10:00 AM
Officials’ Meeting and Group Picture
Opening Ceremony and Color Guard
9:30 AM
At this time we invite all competitors, in official uniform on floor for presentation of colors.

The following are approximate time frames only – YOU are responsible for getting to your division when it is called.
All Weapons and Iado Divisions
9:45 AM
All Adult Women’s Divisions
9:45 AM
All Youth Kata and Kumite
10:30 AM
All Family Kata
12:00 PM
All Teams, kata, kumite weapons
1:00 PM
All Adult Men’s Divisions


Karate / WKF modified rules. All techniques to the face head and neck must have absolute control. The referee panel will penalize the competitor if the hand techniques touch the face, neck or head for the 17 years old and younger. Light skin touch with foot is allowed for all divisions.

Age 18 and up (non-injurious, “light skin touch”) with hand is allowed. For all 5-11 years old divisions 1 & ½ minutes stop time, and 2 minutes for all other.
White Karate – Gi, Leather fist guard (red, blue), mouth guard and groin protector (male) Shin/instep pads are mandatory. Headgear, Chest Protector (female), WKF Face mask and body protector are recommended but optional.