Referee Certification Seminar


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USA-NKF Kumite Referee Seminar

Date and Time:
Friday October 23, 2015
5:45 PM to 9:00 PM

The Hampton Inn
The Grand Conference Room
205 Main St. (Next to the Event Center)
Grand Junction CO
Fees: (Please check one)
o Participation with certification: $70.00 (Please also fill out the official form)
o Participation, NO certification: $25.00 (Please fill out below information)

Instructed by: Mrs. Fariba Madani
(Member of USA-NKF Referee Council and National, Pan American and WKF official)

This Seminar is open to all the levels and will review the WKF/USA-NKF Rules of Competition with an emphasize of new changes of the rules.
All the licenses up to and including “Kumite Referee C” can be upgrade/renew through this seminar.

Items need for certification:
Referee Entry form,
Referee Uniform,
USA Karate or WKF passport,
Referee manual,
& USA-NKF Membership form or number.

This seminar is highly recommended to all karate-ka, regardless of their karate rank, as well as parents of competitors, in order to learn more about the rules of competition.

Sanction By: USA-National Karate-Do Federation