The Red Dragon Returns

Dragon at rest…

Fourth of July usually brings hot weather and family reunions. Picnics, parades and occasionally some fireworks.

In our small town of Paonia, North Fork Karate instructors and students made this Red Dragon come alive and march in this years Parade. The Red Dragon amazed and entertained all of the parade watchers, add to that, the squeals of delight from the younger kids lining the parade route.

Dragon Power

Sam and Athena, demonstrated the martial art of board breaking for the parade judges. It takes concentration and focus to break boards, very difficult to do when in the middle of a parade, with the noise and distractions, but Athena and Sam trained and prepared for this event.

Sam Stech breaking a board for the parade judges

Athena Peters breaking a board in front of the parade judges


The crowd was loud and supportive for all the volunteer Instructors and Students for participating in this year’s parade…Proof of that was, FIRST PLACE for best in the Parade..

Well Done North Fork Karate!

Bob Soby