Youth Beginner

Here’s where most of us start out: We put on a white belt, take off our shoes and open our minds to new possibilities.

Youth beginners are generally between 7 and 14 years of age, white thru orange belt levels. These are not numbers set in stone, however. Some children are very mature for their age and may enter this class a little early, while older children might not yet be ready for the adult class exactly at 14.

On your first day, you will have a short introduction by an advanced student helper and then be placed into the same drills and practice as everyone else. Practice varies from week to week, so you never know what’s going to happen next.

Classes meet twice a week. Tuesday/Thursday at 5 pm for one hour. Mom and Dad are welcome to stay and watch but don’t have to.

In beginner class we focus on three things: Basics or Kehon, Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). We believe that a well-rounded karate-ka is one that practices all parts of karate-do.

After some hard work, we also incorporate some fun (and sometimes silly) drills. While the emphasis is not on winning and losing (after all, the age and size differences in the class can be large), good sportsmanship is encouraged and practiced. When sparring, absolute control is required and taught. Kids catch on fast.

Testing occurs every two to three months and, depending on when you start class and how often you train, you will be ready for your first yellow belt test by then. While testing is scary for many people, we feel that it is a unique opportunity to grow and learn new things about yourself.

Overall, we strive to send everyone home both tired out and with a smile on their face. If we can do that, we are happy.

This class is taught by Shihan and Sensei McGavin with Kohai Smith and Kohai Stech.

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