Park Demo a Success

Despite the hot weather, a large crowd gathered around the mat for a Karate Demonstration by North Fork Karate. As our students and instructors walked up to the demonstration mat, there was a whisper of anticipation in the audience. The sounds of recognition and greetings coming from friends and relatives of our students…The nervous fiddling of our demo group and then the calm appearance of Sensei McGavin, all in advance of one of the best Demonstrations ever…

Sensei McGavin narrating the demonstration


The audience was treated to a look at the first kata learned by students, called Taikyoku. The audience was clearly impressed by this demonstration.

Up next was long weapons, showing us strikes and blocks by some of our newest students in weapons…The demonstration moved along at a breathtaking clip…Our younger students demonstrating their skills on how to block and strike, and how to fall and roll. One of my observations was how these students were practiced and professional and everyone worked smoothly together.

Long weapons demo

The final demonstration were two of our dojo’s instructors, Sempai McGavin and Mr Firor. Our students have put on quite a show up to now. Sempai McGavin and Mr. Firor had a special demonstration planned for this event. Both of our instructors showed how advanced techniques combined with speed and skill can be used for self defense. The crowd was very appreciative of the work that Sempai McGavin and Mr. Firor must have put in for this demonstration, as well as, for the years of training to get here…

Sempei McGavin and Mr. Firor demonstrating a technique for self-defense against a knife

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this year’s Fourth of July Celebration a success…

Bob Soby