Kyu Test June 15th

Friends and family support the students who are testing


 When testing in our Dojo, we welcome other students on to the mat to help their karate family and friends during a kyu test. Kyu tests challenge our students into demonstrating how they have improved, how they are using their knowledge of Karate, and to help visualize their goals. Earning their Black Belt is a common goal. Testing also requires stamina. This is why the support of family and friends is so important, a little encouragement goes a long way.


Sparring is fast paced and exciting to watch. I know the students like sparring a lot. There were some really good match ups today. Graham and Mathew were fast and used some new moves learned in class. Patty Soby and Carley Horn also provided a fast and thrilling demonstration of technique, awareness, defense and a good Gyaku-zuki (reverse punch).

Testing is rigorous and really shows our instructors which areas need more work, and more importantly, how much the students have improved, and matured into their new belts.

Padded weapon sparring during kyu test

Kobudo sparring is different in some ways. It still requires concentration and determination to face an opponent, who is thinking the same thing. Athena and Dominic show their skills during this part of the testing. There are more Kobudo students now that some of our younger students have earned their Orange belts.

Doug Long receiving his new belt


Doug Long requires special mention. Mr. Long has recovered from serious physical injuries demonstrating how Karate spirit plays an important role in all aspects of our lives. It would be difficult to find another example of such determination, in a person who was willing to fight his way back into training. I bow to him in respect for his karate spirit. Now, about that technique…..

Dr. Funk completing part of his test

Testing is almost done. There is one last test for the upper belts. Board breaking is part of the testing process after reaching 5th Kyu. The student asks Sensei for permission to break a board and states the technique that the student will use. There is a lot of encouragement from the other students and from the spectators. As each board breaks, there is a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Everyone who made the attempt was successful, and it was a delight to watch their reactions as they broke each one.

Another Kyu test is in the books. The Students were respectful and worked hard. We have seen growth in all of their skills, growth in themselves

The photos of the June 15th Kyu test are online at

As I wrote this article, I went back into my photos and found a few more to publish.

Bob Soby