Kangeiku-Are You Ready?

Kangeiku – Six days of training in a row – Who’s up for the challenge?

Kangeiku is formally known as “winter training” or “cold training” and is held for a week every year in one of the dark months. Here at North Fork Karate we usually train the first week in February and this year we will be Kangeiku-ing from Monday the 2nd to Saturday the 7th of February at 6 pm every evening for one hour and 5 pm on Saturday with our yearly potluck (WITH DEMOS!!!) on Saturday.

If this is your normal class time, please come. If this is not your normal class time you should come to this class and your regular one as well. In the end, t-shirt for the survivors (the students who don’t miss a day) will be ordered. They are usually pretty cool, just don’t let Sempai pick the color.

Here are a few pictures from past Kangeikus. Do you recognize anyone?

Please click on pictures for full size and check out TigerPhotography by Bob Soby for more photos.