Black Belt Testing June 2014

Meet the new crop of Shodon ho ichi, Shodon ho and Nidan Ho! Dominic Harman, Tia Clock, Patty Soby and Colin Scherba tested on the 28th of June, 2014 and worked harder than they ever did before. The test included a 5 minute plank, copious board breaking as well as the usual Kehon waza, kumite and kata. Here is the whole NFK group:

Pictured are (L-R) Back row, Kai Funk, Jennifer McGavin, Colin Scherba, Shihan McGavin. Front row, Chris Smith, Ulysses Morales-Soby, Dominic Harman, Patty Soby, Tia Clock, Hanshi C. Madani.
And here is a picture of Sensei Amadou Niang, Colin Scherba, Shihan McGavin and Dominic during board breaking:


Pictures by Bob Soby. Pictures are available in many sizes for purchase at