Black Belt Meeting

January 2nd was the date of our annual black belt meeting. This meeting is held each year to keep black belts and black belt candidates up to date with our plans and schedules for the new year.

Shihan led off with what was great about 2014, then went into his goals and wishes for the dojo in 2015. We went over the newly revised schedule which includes a new, Little Dragons class time on Wednesdays for 3 – 4 year olds.

Then we went over the calendar, which has been roughly planned out for the whole year.

NFK Calendar 2015 – Subject to revision. [Note- This pdf has now been removed – too many revisions necessary].

Everyone was happy that all kyu tests have been scheduled in advance.

We also talked about Demo teams, especially for the Fourth of July, Kangeiku, and Friends and Family, which will be slightly altered.

Also, that we are planning two, in-house tournaments for the year, in order to encourage our students who cannot go to tournaments further afield.

We spoke about the booster club and the process of 5013C, which will continue into 2015.

Also, we will be scheduling a CPR course in Jan/Feb for all black belt candidates.

Thank you to all the black belts who came, which was just about all of you, and here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2015!bbtestingjune2014