North Fork Karate

311 Second Street Dojo

At IMA North Fork Karate, we study and teach traditional Shotokan karate as well as sport karate and Kubudo at a very high technical level. We are affiliated with the International MartialArts Association (IMA), a world recognized karate organization founded by Hanshi Cyrus Madani.

Sensei Rick McGavin has been an IMA student for over twenty years and he has been teaching for almost that long. He moved to Paonia in 2005 and started classes in the Old Middle School Gym that same year. In the summer, the classes were held in the Blue Sage Arts Center. In November 2008, the first classes were held at the new dojo at 311 Second Street, downtown.

The new school has about 4500 square feet of floor space, with 2300 square feet in the main training area. Many students helped with the finishing work and have made the dojo a success. Several of these karate-ka have gone on to become black belts and more are working towards black belt.

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